Connecting the World, Bridging Possibilities, and Innovating for a Sustainable Future

The Industrial, Innovation and Infrastructure development program in Indonesia is one of the main focuses in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. This program aims to develop a sustainable industrial sector, encourage innovation, and strengthen modern and inclusive infrastructure in Indonesia. The Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) plays an active role in supporting this program in Indonesia, through collaboration with industry, government agencies and the community. USU provides education that is relevant to industry needs and encourages students to innovate and create solutions that have a positive impact on infrastructure development in Indonesia. By combining research, technology development, and the application of innovation, USU seeks to advance the industrial sector, accelerate economic growth, and improve the quality of life for the Indonesian people.


Innovation with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Innovations
PCP Desktop Printer

Innovation in direct printing of electronic circuit lines on circuit boards using oil-based ink.

Information and Communication Technology

An innovative device designed to automatically produce organic fertilizer.

Information and Communication Technology

A software that provides an interactive anatomy learning experience.

Journal with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Journals
Enhancing the performance of natural rubber latex with polymeric isocyanate as cold-pressing and formaldehyde free adhesive for plywoodLubis M.A.R., Falah F., Harini D., Sudarmanto, Kharisma A., Tjahyono B., Fatriasari W., Subiyanto B., Suryanegara L., Iswanto A.H.Category: Journal of Adhesion
Utilization of Oil-Palm Leaves for Making Innovative Products: A Comprehensive ReviewNuryawan A., Risnasari I.Category: Springer Proceedings in Materials
Co-precipitation synthesis of LaFe1-xAlxO3 (x = 0–0.2) on structure and electromagnetic propertiesRianna M., Sembiring T., Amiruddin E., Sebayang P.Category: Materials Science for Energy Technologies
Generation of OAM Waves and Analysis of Mode Purity for 5G Sub-6 GHz ApplicationsNoor S.K., Ismail A.M., Yasin M.N.M., Osman M.N., Ramli N., Rambe A.H., Iqbal J.Category: Computers, Materials and Continua
Triple-Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna (DRA) for Wireless ApplicationsAli A., Yasin M.N.M., Adam I., Rambe A.H., Jamaludin M.H., Rahim H.A., Cengiz C., Razak M.I.S.A.Category: Computers, Materials and Continua
Automatic Parking Portal Mechanical System Design with DC Motor DevelopmentSinaga R., Sihombing F., Syam B., Muttaqin M.Category: Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering
Development and Characterization of Eco-Friendly Non-Isocyanate Urethane Monomer from Jatropha curcas Oil for Wood Composite ApplicationsBhakri S., Ghozali M., Cahyono E., Triwulandari E., Restu W.K., Solihat N.N., Iswanto A.H., Antov P., Savov V., Hua L.S., Agustiany E.A., Kristak L., Fatriasari W.Category: Journal of Renewable Materials
Promoting Electrospun Lignin/PEO Nanofiber for High-Performance CO FiltrationNainggolan G., Gea S., Marpongahtun, Harahap M., Dellyansyah, Situmorang S.A.Category: Journal of Natural Fibers
New Material Nanocomposite Thermoplastic Elastomer with Low Cost Hybrid Filler Oil Palm Boiler Ash/Carbon BlackFrida E., Bukit N., Sinuhaji P., Bukit F.R.A., Bukit B.F.Category: Journal of Ecological Engineering
ZnMnFe2O4 particle synthesized by natural iron sand for making permanent magnetic materialSembiring T., Siburian D., Rianna M.Category: Materials Science for Energy Technologies
Effect of Hybrid Filler Oil Palm Boiler Ash – Bentonite on Thermal Characteristics of Natural Rubber CompoundsFrida E., Bukit N., Bukit F.R.A., Bukit B.F.Category: Ecological Engineering and Environmental Technology
Evaluation of Co0.7Ni0.3Fe2O4 nano-particle on structural, morphological, and magnetic properties as a heavy metal adsorbent in Cu, CrRianna M., Talanda A., Pratama Y., Humaidi S., Setiadi E.A., Tetuko A.P., Nurdiyansah L.F., Sembiring T., Sebayang P.Category: Materials Science for Energy Technologies


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