Compost Fertilizer Production Machine

Product Description

The smart composter, known as KOM-STAR, is an innovative device designed to produce organic fertilizer automatically. This composter has undergone a series of trials and analyses, showing that it performs very well in making quality organic fertilizer from organic waste materials. By incorporating automated technology, this smart composter is designed to provide users with ease of use.

Using KOM-STAR, users can easily manage the composting process of organic waste materials without needing much manual effort. The automated technology in this smart composter allows users to manage and supervise the composting process efficiently. Thus, users can obtain high-quality organic fertilizer without significant difficulty.

With the testing and analysis results, KOM-STAR has proven to be an effective and efficient solution for producing organic fertilizer. This success makes this smart composter a reliable choice for those who want to produce organic fertilizer in an eco-friendly and practical way.

Inventors :

Dr. Tulus Ikhsan, S.Si., M.Sc.

Faculties :

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Product Category :

Information and Communication Technology

Innovation Status :



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Fitur Aksesibilitas

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