FK USU and 19 Institutions Study Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes

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Bambang Riyanto

FK USU and 19 Institutions Study Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes

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USU PR: Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) Faculty of Medicine hosted an Entomology Morphological and Identification PCR workshop on mosquitos. The Faculty of Medicine, James Cook University Australia, the University of Malaya, and the National Innovation and Research Agency hosted the workshop from January 16 to 20.

Dr. Inke Nadia Diniyanti Lubis, M.Ked (Ped), Sp. A, Ph.D., Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Medicine USU, stated that this training was attended not only by FK USU teachers and students but also by visitors from the 19 universities collaborating in this initiative.

"This activity is a workshop part of a collaboration program between USU and 19 other institutions. Therefore, on this occasion, we welcome guests from Universiti Malaya as well as companies to provide training not only to USU Faculty of Medicine's lecturers and students but also to guests from other institutions, "described Vice Dean III Faculty of Medicine of USU

This activity also aims to strengthen practitioners' capacity when undertaking direct identification in the field, particularly concerning the dynamics and prevention of diseases caused by Simeon Malaria. Dr. Triwibowo Ambargarjito of B2V2PRP Salatiga, Balitbangkes, Kemenkes, RI, conveyed this message.

"It will be very useful in the following study to determine the dynamics of disease transmission, particularly what we are presently working on, namely mosquito-borne diseases caused by Simeon Malaria," Triwibowo added.

In reaction to this activity, Dr. Wong Meng Li, one of the facilitators from the University of Malaya, expressed hope for future collaboration between FK USU and the University of Malaya due to the differences in laboratory circumstances and styles of practice between the two. According to him, it has the potential to broaden relationships and knowledge, particularly in the field of mosquito research.

"So, of course, we come here to learn from one another, even though I am a facilitator. So, after this is done, we expect to stay in touch in the future, "Dr. Wong Meng Li stated.

The importance of mosquito research cannot be overstated, given the high prevalence of infectious disorders caused by Malaria. Bram Van de Straat, a James Cook University student, thought the research conducted directly in Medan was exceptional. He intends to learn more about mosquitos from the specialists themselves.

Author: Bambang Riyanto - Humas

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