USU Supports Student Internships in Pakistan

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Bambang Riyanto

USU Supports Student Internships in Pakistan

"USU PR: USU (Universitas Sumatera Utara) actively encourages its students to participate in outbound activities, internships, and research abroad to achieve internationalization. One of these programs is offered by the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS) in Pakistan."

On Friday (27/01/2023), Universitas Sumatera Utara received an audience of USU students who will conduct research at ICCBS for their final project needs. This audience took place in the USU Vice Chancellor III Meeting Room.

Director of the Directorate of Internationalization and Global Partnerships of USU, Prof. Dr. Eng. Himsar Ambarita ST, MT, said that this program is a form of collaboration that provides benefits for students to experience research abroad.

The number of lecturers and students conducting research in Pakistan is ten and three lecturers.

"So Universitas Sumatera Utara is now in the framework of internationalization. One of the programs we initiated is called outbound. So sending students to do research abroad is partly related to their final project, which is the benefit of collaboration. There were 13 of them, three lecturers and ten students," he said.

Nurul Afriyani Siregar, a student of the Biology Department at the USU Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences who will leave for Pakistan, hopes that USU will continue to support this positive impact program and is expected to motivate other USU students because the provision of facilities and sophisticated technological developments significantly keep the smooth running of research.

"I hope that I will be the one who goes there and can positively impact ICCBS and USU later. Of course, for my impression, I am very excited to join this program because it is a scarce program. Maybe for students who will be my successors, they can join this program," explained Nurul Afriyani Siregar.

Author: Bambang Riyanto - Humas

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Photographer: Irsan Mulyadi - Humas


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