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IconThe 3rd Biggest in Indonesia
IconMulticultural City
IconThe Capital of North Sumatra Province
About Medan 1

As the third largest city in Indonesia after DKI Jakarta and Surabaya, Medan City is the capital of North Sumatra province. This city is the largest city outside the island of Java and also the largest on the island of Sumatra. The city of Medan is the gateway to the western part of Indonesia with the presence of Belawan Port and Kuala Namu International Airport which is the second largest airport in Indonesia. Bordering the Malacca Strait, Medan is a very important city of commerce, industry and business in Indonesia.

About Medan 2

The city of Medan began as a village founded by Guru Patimpus between the Deli River and Babura River. Medan became the administrative center of the Sultanate of Deli and its anniversary was set for 1 July 1950. Bappenas stated that Medan was one of the four main growth centers in Indonesia with a multi-ethnic population. Besides Malays and Karoese, Medan is filled with people with Javanese, Batak, Chinese, Minangkabau, Mandailing, and Indian ethnic backgrounds.

Popular Tourisms

Medan is one of the cities on the island of Sumatra which has many beautiful and stunning tourist attractions. Its beauty represents the exotic land of Sumatra. The city of Medan, known as Lake Toba, offers unique tourist attractions that are different from the others. The identity of the city of Medan is reflected in its natural and cultural wealth. Explore the city of Medan and discover popular attractions around it.

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