Kampus Merdeka

Kampus Merdeka Program

Independent Campus is a policy issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture by giving rights to students to take courses outside the study program for 1 semester and activities outside college for 2 semesters. Universities are given the freedom to provide Independent Campus activities that suit the needs and interests of their students.

The following types of activities are available in the Merdeka Campus program, namely:

  • Certified Intern
  • Independent Study
  • Teaching Campus
  • Indonesian International Student Mobility Awards (IISMA)
  • Independent Student Exchange
  • Building Villages (Thematic KKN)
  • Humanity Projects
  • Researches
  • entrepreneurship

Student experience at the Merdeka Campus activities will have a major influence on student career readiness by ensuring students continue to pay attention to changes in the world outside the campus while studying and have the opportunity to apply knowledge to real-world problems.

Why do students need to join the Merdeka Campus program?

  • Experience of practical activities in the field that will be converted into credits
  • Exploration of knowledge and skills in the field for more than one semester
  • Learn and expand your network outside your study program or home campus
  • Gain knowledge directly from quality and reputable Partners

Question & answer

  • Can I register for more than 1 Merdeka Campus program in the same period? Students may register for more than 1 (one) program in the same period, but students can only choose or be active in 1 (one) program in the same period.
  • Is there a maximum limit for students to pass and actively participate in activities in the Merdeka Campus program? The following are the maximum conditions for being actively registered in the Merdeka Campus program: - MSIB: Maximum active and registered 2 times (2 batches) - Teaching Campus: Maximum active and registered 1 time (1 batch) - PMM: Maximum active and registered 1 time (1 batch)

MBKM in Number


Ministry Teaching Campus


USU Partner Teaching Campus


Independent Entrepreneurship


Thematic Community Service Program


Faculty Partner Internship


USU Partner Internship


Student Research, Innovation, and Business Incubator


Faculty Partner Research


Ministry Student Exchange


Faculty Partner Student Exchange


Ministry Humanitarian Projects


Ministry Independent Research

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