Product Description

Anatouchmy is a software that provides an interactive anatomy learning experience. The software allows users to interact with three-dimensional objects that can be digitally touched. A tool called Leap Motion Controller observes the user's hand movements to perform the interaction. Using hand gestures, such as zoom, rotate, and horizontal camera movement, users can view anatomical objects in 3D in detail. In addition, when the user points at an anatomical object with a hand gesture, the name of the anatomy is also displayed.

Anatouchmy software continues to be developed to improve its functionality in learning anatomy. The development includes separating bones to see each bone in detail and developing virtual reality. In the future, Anatouchmy will cover bones and other organs in human anatomy. This development aims to provide a more comprehensive and complete anatomy learning experience.

Inventors :

Baihaqi Siregar

Farhan Lutfi

Faculties :

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Product Category :

Information and Communication Technology

Innovation Status :



Fitur Aksesibilitas

Fitur Aksesibilitas

  • Grayscale

  • High Contrast

  • Negative Contrast

  • Text to Speech





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