Optimizing Collaborative Synergy, Collective Impact, and Cross-sector Collaboration

Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) "Partnerships for The Goals" program, the Universitas Sumatera Utara organizes various activities such as conferences, workshops, and cross-sectoral forum meetings. This is an opportunity for students and the general public to share knowledge, discuss and build networks with other stakeholders who share the same commitment to SDGs in Indonesia.

Along with providing support for the development of projects and programs that focus on key aspects of the SDGs, such as poverty alleviation, quality education, gender equality, access to clean water, and environmental protection. Together, USU and the people of Indonesia can create initiatives that have a positive impact on society and the environment in Indonesia.


Innovation with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Innovations
PCP Desktop Printer

Innovation in direct printing of electronic circuit lines on circuit boards using oil-based ink.

Information and Communication Technology

An innovative device designed to automatically produce organic fertilizer.

Information and Communication Technology

A software that provides an interactive anatomy learning experience.

Journal with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Journals
Challenges and opportunities for achieving Sustainable Development Goals through restoration of Indonesia’s mangrovesSasmito S.D., Basyuni M., Kridalaksana A., Saragi-Sasmito M.F., Lovelock C.E., Murdiyarso D.Category: Nature Ecology and Evolution
Collaborative Management in Value Creation: Cases of SMEsRafiki A., Nasution F.N., Syahrial H.Category: Sustainable Development and the Digital Economy: Human-centricity, Sustainability and Resilience in Asia
Community-Based Mangrove Tourism Object Development in Kampung Nipah, North Sumatra, IndonesiaPurwoko A., Hartini K.S., Basyuni M., Situmorang M.D.Category: Universal Journal of Agricultural Research
Conceptual Model Implementation of Poverty Reduction Policy in Medan CityBatubara B.M., Humaizi, Kusmanto H., Ginting B.Category: International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning
Petatah-Petitih in Minangkabau Community in Medan, Indonesia: Its Use and MeaningsSalliyanti, Susilo H., Bangun P.Category: Studies in Media and Communication
Potential benefit of olive leaf extract in cervical spondylotic myelopathy modelIbrahim S., Adeputra Nasution I.F., Danil M., Sadewo W., Widyawati T., Eyanoer P.C., Ritarwan K., Riawan W., Darmajaya R.Category: Annals of Medicine and Surgery
Transcatheter Closure of Perimembranous Ventricular Septal Defect Using the Lifetech Konar-Multi Functional Occluder: Early to Midterm Results of the Indonesian Multicenter StudyKuswiyanto R.B., Gunawijaya E., Djer M.M., Noormanto, Rahman M.A., Murni I.K., Sukardi R., Utamayasa A., Ardiansyah R., Nova R., Liliyanti S., Rahayuningsih S.E., Anggriawan S.L., Rahayuningsih T.Y., Koentartiwi D., Soewarniaty R., Yantie V.K., Nugroho S., Hidayat T., Ontoseno T., Tobing T.C., Ali M., Bashari M.H., Yosy D.S., Arafuri N., Hilmanto D., Yanuarso P.B., Advani N., Sastroasmoro S., Putra S.T.Category: Global Heart
Formulation and Antibacterial Potential of Sarang Semut (Myrmecodia pendans) against Oral Pathogenic Bacteria: An In Vitro StudyPrimasari A., Apriyanti E., Ambardhani N., Satari M.H., Herdiyati Y., Kurnia D.Category: Open Dentistry Journal


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