Powering Change, Protecting the Planet and Greening the Future

The "Climate Action" program is one of the flagship programs of the Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) in supporting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With an important background in facing the challenges of climate change in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that is significantly affected by climate change, such as rising global temperatures, rising sea levels, and changes in extreme weather patterns. So through this program, it is aimed at overcoming climate change and its negative impacts in Indonesia. USU is committed to becoming an agent of change by conducting research, education, and developing innovations that focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Through collaboration with government, industry and society, USU seeks to increase understanding of climate change, promote environmentally friendly policies, and develop sustainable solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen resilience to climate change.


Innovation with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Innovations
PCP Desktop Printer

Innovation in direct printing of electronic circuit lines on circuit boards using oil-based ink.

Information and Communication Technology

An innovative device designed to automatically produce organic fertilizer.

Information and Communication Technology

A software that provides an interactive anatomy learning experience.

Journal with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Journals
Natural resources, green innovation, fintech, and sustainability: A fresh insight from BRICSLisha L., Mousa S., Arnone G., Muda I., Huerta-Soto R., Shiming Z.Category: Resources Policy
Sustainable Development Goals and Green Sustainable Supply Chains: a ReviewSembiring N., Junika C., Azmi N.N.Category: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Spatial Distribution of Flood Vulnerability in Langkat Regency, North Sumatera Province, IndonesiaThoha A.S., Slamet B., Harahap M.M., Sari T.Y., Hulu D.L.N.Category: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
The Mars method approach in the analysis of earthquake hazard predictions in SumbawaPriyanto D., Zarlis M., Efendi S.Category: AIP Conference Proceedings
The Effect of Ethylenediamine as Passivation Agent on the Optical Properties of Carbon Dots from Molasses Using the Microwave MethodMarpongahtun, Azizah N., Amaturahim S.A., Sartina, Purwandari V.Category: AIP Conference Proceedings
Optimization of the Crude Palm Oil Supply Chain Using a Mixed Integer Linear Programming ModelLilis L., Sutarman S., Suwilo S., Sitompul O.S.Category: Information Sciences Letters
Characterization and Application of Non-Formaldehyde Binder Based Citric Acid, Maleic Acid, and Molasses Adhesive for Plywood CompositeSutiawan J., Syahfitri A., Purnomo D., Sudarmanto, Narto, Akbar F., Triwibowo D., Ismadi, Amanda P., Kusumah S.S., Lubis M.A.R., Hermawan D., Sulastiningsih I.M., Nuryawan A., Hakim L.Category: Polymers
Latest Advancements in the Development of High-Performance Lignin- and Tannin-Based Non-Isocyanate Polyurethane Adhesive for Wood CompositesIswanto A.H., Lubis M.A.R., Sutiawan J., Al-Edrus S.S.O., Lee S.H., Antov P., Kristak L., Reh R., Mardawati E., Santoso A., Kusumah S.S.Category: Polymers


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