Fulfilling the Professional Mandate: 70-Year Service of Prof

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Bambang Riyanto

Fulfilling the Professional Mandate: 70-Year Service of Prof

""Dedication is not easy to sustain over a considerable period of time," expressed the Rector. "

USU PR—The Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) at Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) celebrated the 70-year service of Prof. Haslinda Z. Tamin, drg., M.Kes., Sp.Pros., Subsp.PKIKG(K), along with the launch of her autobiography titled "Fulfilling the Professional Mandate." The retirement ceremony occurred in a festive atmosphere at the Mahagoni Ballroom, Grand City Hall, on Saturday (May 4, 2024).

USU Rector Prof. Muryanto, S.Sos., M.Si., expressed sincere gratitude in his speech to Prof. Haslinda for her unwavering dedication over the past decades. The Rector stated that such dedication is not easy to maintain over such a long period of time, and Prof. Haslinda's 44 years of service demonstrated her extraordinary sincerity and spirit.

"Dedication is not easy to sustain over a considerable period of time," expressed the Rector.

The celebration of retirement is not only a moment to appreciate the dedication of an educator but also a reflection on the dynamics and challenges faced in the academic profession. The Rector expressed that being an educator is not an easy task. The challenges faced as a teacher, researcher, or public servant demand perseverance and high commitment.

Nevertheless, the presence of a lecturer is a fundamental pillar in the development of education and the advancement of knowledge.

"As a lecturer today, there are many dynamics in their time, in certain periods," said the Rector.

Prof. Haslinda has dedicated herself as a teaching staff for 44 years and has served as a professor for 20 years. She has captured her long journey in her autobiography "Fulfilling the Professional Mandate." In the book, she shares life experiences, inspirations, and contributions during her involvement in education.

Throughout her years of service, she has emphasized the importance of experiencing lectures as a key to fostering innovation and creative ideas that will benefit the younger generation and advance the university and the country.

"So, in the future, for the younger generation, how can we think innovatively and creatively to advance Universitas Sumatera Utara further," said Prof. Haslinda.

Prof. Haslinda also mentioned that the journey of fulfilling the professional mandate for 44 years has provided numerous opportunities to interact and learn from other great individuals. She expressed deep gratitude for the opportunities and apologized for anything that may have been displeased during her tenure as a lecturer.

"Allow me to apologize for anything that may have been displeasing," said Prof. Haslinda.

The Chairman of the Indonesian Prosthodontics Collegium, Prof. M. Dharma Utama, drg., Ph.D., Sp. Pros. Subs PKIKG (K) respected Prof. Haslinda's noble personality and unwavering dedication. He also stated that as a figure of discipline, responsibility, and firmness in decision-making, Prof. Haslinda is an example in the academic field and his personal life.

"Thank you very much for your dedication and loyalty throughout your duties as chairman of the competency examination commission," said Prof. Dharma.

Author: bambang riyanto - staf humas

Interviewee: Prof. Dr. Muryanto Amin, S.Sos, M.Si - Rektor USU

Photographer: Amri Simatupang - Staf Humas


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