LPPM USU Community Service to Develop MSMEs

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Bambang Riyanto

LPPM USU Community Service to Develop MSMEs

"Entrepreneurship is one of the solutions to create jobs, generate income, and improve welfare for the community,” said Dr. Dardanila. "

USU PR - The Institute for Community Service (LPPM) of Universitas Sumatera Utara (USU) through a team chaired by Dr. Dardanila, M.Hum., with members Dra. Rosliana Lubis, M.Si., and Farida Ariani, M.T., carried out community service in Mutiara Village, East Kisaran City.

Dr. Dardanila in her written statement to, Thursday (19/10/2023) explained that her community service was the development of micro, small, and medium enterprises.

"Entrepreneurship is one of the solutions to create jobs, generate income, and improve welfare for the community," said Dr. Dardanila.

Based on the initial survey conducted, the entrepreneurship that has many customers in the community of East Kisaran City is the meatball shop business. "Therefore, we made the owner of the meatball stall as our service partner," she said.

Dr. Dardanila explained that the team first went to the field on 23 May 2023. During the survey, it was found that the owner of a meatball stall, Indrawati, who sells meatballs on Jalan Sultan Alisabana, Mutiara Village, East Kisaran City, has great difficulty in making meatballs because she produces them manually.

"From the problems experienced by these partners, the LPPM USU Service Team conducted FGDs to find out what things were needed by partners in this activity," she said.

The FGD was conducted conducively with the residents on September 04, 2023. From the results of the FGD, the LPPM USU Service Team procured goods in the form of a meatball-making machine that was useful for partners. With this machine, it is hoped that meatball making will be even better. In addition, on September 18, counseling and training on the use of meatball machines and making meatballs were held to increase partner understanding in increasing product selling value.

"It is hoped that by holding this training, it will increase income for service partners. We would like to thank the LPPM USU for funding this service. Thank you also to M. Agus Kurniawan as the Head of Neighborhood V Kisaran who has supported the smooth running of the service," she said.

The owner of the meatball stall, Indrawati, who was made a service partner, was grateful for the assistance provided. She feels helped and hopes that her meatball business will be more developed with the help of production equipment and training conducted by the USU LPPM Team.

Author: Bambang Riyanto - Humas

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Photographer: Amri Simatupang - Humas


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