Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change Adaptation for Coastal Communities in Indonesia

The "Life Below Water at the Universitas Sumatera Utara" program focuses on efforts to reduce marine pollution, maintain underwater biodiversity, and increase awareness of the importance of preserving the marine environment. USU seeks to integrate the principles of sustainability in campus activities, research and community service related to the sea and waters.

As a form of support for this program, USU actively carries out educational campaigns on reducing plastic waste, sustainable fisheries management policies, and preventing water pollution. The Universitas Sumatera Utara also supports beach and water cleaning activities, as well as monitors the condition of underwater ecosystems to identify threats and take the necessary steps to protect biodiversity.

Let's achieve the sustainable development goal of "Life Below Water" together. Visit our page now to find out more about this program and how you can contribute to protecting the aquatic biodiversity in Medan. With collaboration, we can maintain the sustainability of marine resources and pass them on to future generations.


Innovation with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Innovations
PCP Desktop Printer

Innovation in direct printing of electronic circuit lines on circuit boards using oil-based ink.

Information and Communication Technology

An innovative device designed to automatically produce organic fertilizer.

Information and Communication Technology

A software that provides an interactive anatomy learning experience.

Journal with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Journals
Genetic differentiation among Batak fish populations (Neolissochilus sumatranus, Tor douronensis, and Tor soro) in North Sumatra, Indonesia revealed by RAPD markersBarus T.A., Wahyuningsih H., Simanjuntak B.N., Ginting R.H., Batubara A.S., Hartanto A.Category: Biodiversitas
Erosion-deposition Prone Assessment Along the Kelantan and Terengganu Coasts Due to Sea Level RiseBenson Y.A., Hasan M.M., Jamal M.H., Lee L.H., Anthony D., Mohamad K.A., Hamzah S.B., Othman I.K.Category: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Illegal Fishing in Vernacular Maritime Settlements: A Bibliometric AnalysisSuhaidi, Sunarmi, Alhayyan R., Tarigan V.C.E.Category: ISVS e-journal
Characterization, Physical Properties, and Biocompatibility of Novel Tricalcium Silicate-Chitosan Endodontic SealerMaharti I.D., Suprastiwi E., Agusnar H., Herdianto N., Margono A.Category: European Journal of Dentistry
Physical and mechanical properties of commercial fish feed with addition of fish scales and starchAzhari, Hilman A., Karolina R., Saregar A., Mulyasari R.Category: AIP Conference Proceedings
Alginate Profile, Antioxidant, and Antibacterial Activities of Brown Algae Sargassum cristaefolium from Pane Island, North SumateraDewinta A.F., Susetya I.E., Khairunnisa, Suriani M., Addina S., Fadhilah A.Category: Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan dan Kelautan
Mollusk Diversity in Percut Sei Tuan Silvofishery Ponds, North Sumatra, IndonesiaSusetya I.E., Basyuni M., Rifzy M.R., Amelia R., Bimantara Y., Leidonald R., Fadhilah A.Category: Jurnal Ilmiah Perikanan dan Kelautan
LAKE TOBA WATER QUALITY PREDICTION USING EXTREME MACHINE LEARNINGRahmat R.F., Pangaribuan A.B., Suwarno E., Purnamawati S., Lini T.Z.Category: ICIC Express Letters, Part B: Applications
Implementation of Renewable Energy Indicators to Manage Water Supply ResourcesHusein I., Surendar A., Kadyrov M., Heidary A., Mortazavi M., Elveny M.Category: Asian Journal of Water, Environment and Pollution
Potential of Polyisoprenoid of Mangroves as Antimicrobial and Anticancer: A Bibliometric AnalysisSumardi, Masfria, Basyuni M., Septama A.W.Category: Science and Technology Indonesia


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