Preserving Nature's Harmony, Conserving Our Earthly Home, and Sustaining Biodiversity, Enriching Lives

As a form of support for "Life On Land in Indonesia" the Universitas Sumatera Utara is committed to maintaining sustainable life on land throughout Indonesia. Amidst the challenges of environmental change and rapid urbanization, we aim to protect biodiversity, reduce deforestation and promote sustainable natural resource management practices.

In this program, USU forms partnerships with key stakeholders, the government and local communities to design and carry out land conservation and rehabilitation activities. By prioritizing tree planting, ecosystem restoration, and preservation of threatened natural habitats. In addition, the Universitas Sumatera Utara is also actively conducting research and development to create innovative solutions in environmentally friendly natural resource management.

Let's achieve the goal of sustainable development together "Life On Land at the Universitas Sumatera Utara". Together, we can create a terrestrial environment that is healthy, sustainable and provides long-term benefits for the people and nature around us.


Innovation with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Innovations
PCP Desktop Printer

Innovation in direct printing of electronic circuit lines on circuit boards using oil-based ink.

Information and Communication Technology

An innovative device designed to automatically produce organic fertilizer.

Information and Communication Technology

A software that provides an interactive anatomy learning experience.

Journal with Sustainable Development Goals

Other Journals
Structure, composition and diversity of tree species in Martelu Purba Nature Reserve, North Sumatra, IndonesiaRangkuti A.B., Hartini K.S., Susilowati A., Rambey R., Harahap M.M., Arinah H., Irmayanti L., Pamoengkas P., Indriani F., Peniwidiyanti, Ruhidi A.Category: Biodiversitas
Spatial distribution of 2019 forest and land fires in IndonesiaThoha A.S., Istima N., Daulay I.A., Hulu D.L.N., Budi S., Ulfa M., Mardiyadi Z.Category: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Analysis of Eucalyptus Supply Chain Methods Based on Influencing Factors: A ReviewSembiring N., Napitupulu H.L., Azmi N.N., Radot R.Category: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Biology of Elaeidobius kamerunicus in the lowland and highland on North Sumatra, IndonesiaRozziansha T.A.P., Fitraini A.A., Girsang R.J., Priwiratama H., Prasetyo A.E.Category: IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Forest Stand Composition of the Tapanuli Orangutan (Pongo tapanuliensis) Habitat in the Nature ReservesMaulana M.I., Auliah N.L., Onrizal O.Category: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
A Comparative Study of Phytochemical Screening and DPPH Radical Scavenging Activity of Ficus carica Linn. Leaves ExtractsReveny J., Maha H.L., Laila L.Category: Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research
State of human tiger conflict around Gunung Leuser National Park in Langkat Landscape, North Sumatra, IndonesiaPatana P., Alikodra H.S., Mawengkang H., Hamdani Harahap R.Category: Biodiversitas
Prospects and challenges of environmental DNA (eDNA) metabarcoding in mangrove restoration in Southeast AsiaWee A.K.S., Salmo S.G., III, Sivakumar K., Then A.Y.H., Basyuni M., Fall J., Habib K.A., Isowa Y., Leopardas V., Peer N., Artigas-Ramirez M.D., Ranawana K., Sivaipram I., Suleiman M., Kajita T.Category: Frontiers in Marine Science
Model of Phytoplankton Diversity in Belawan River, North Sumatera, IndonesiaYeanny M.S., Barus T.A., Mawengkang H., Mulya M.B.Category: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
Leaf morphological traits of nine major tropical trees of Shorea species (Dipterocarpaceae)Mufarhatun N., Susilowati A., Hilwan I., Arrofaha N., Yulita K.S., Dwiyanti F.G., Hidayat A., Kamiya K., Rachmat H.H.Category: Biodiversitas


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