To become a university with academic excellence as a barometer of scientific progress that can compete in the global world



  1. To organize autonomy-based higher education that becomes a medium for the development of character and professionalism of its human resources based on empowerment containing the spirit of education democratization that recognizes plurality within an educational orientation emphasizing the aspects of finding alternative solutions to actual problems based on scientific study, morality, conscience;
  2. To produce graduates who become agents of change as a force of modernization in the wider community life, who have scientific competence, strong relevance and competitiveness, and ethical conduct of behavior; and
  3. To implement, develop, and improve education, research culture and community service programs in order to improve academic quality by developing superior sciences, which are beneficial to the better life of the wider community.



  1. To produce qualified graduates who are able to develop sciences, technology, humanities, and arts, based on religious morals, and are able to compete at national and international level;
  2. To produce innovative research that encourages the development of sciences, technology, humanities, and arts at the national and international level;
  3. To produce community service activities which are based on reasoning and research that is useful in promoting public welfare, educating the nation and empowering community innovatively so that people are able to solve problems independently and sustainably;
  4. To create an adaptive, creative, and proactive autonomy towards community demands and development challenges, both nationally and internationally;
  5. To improve the quality of learning management continuously to achieve excellence in national and international competition and cooperation;
  6. To achieve moral and intellectual power in building Indonesian civil society; and
  7. To develop the potential of students to become human beings who believe in and fear of God the Almighty, and are well-mannered, healthy, knowledgeable, professional, creative, independent, skilled, competent, and cultured for the nation’s interest.