USU hospital at a glance
Located on Jalan Dr. Mansyur in the area of USU Campus, Universitas Sumatera Utara Hospital building was fully constructed in 2011 whose cornerstone was laid by the previous Rector, Prof. dr. Chairuddin P. Lubis and the previous Governor of North Sumatra, H. Syamsul Arifin, SE in 2009.


The Hospital lies in the area of about 38,000 m2 whose main building consists of 5 storeys with the total space of about 52,200 m2. The main building consists of the first Floor for Emergency Unit, Specalist Clinics (13 rooms), Radiology Department, Pharmacy, Kitchen/Pantry, Medical Rehabilitattion, Information-Registration-Admission Office, Laundry, Medical Gas, Security Station and a Mushalla (Praying Room).


The second floor consists of 27 10-bed wards, Specialist Clinics (15 rooms), Pulmonology Department, ENT, Psychology, Oral-Dental, Obgyn, Child Health, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Tutorial Rooms (5 rooms) and a Mushalla. The third floor consists of Operation Room (12 rooms), Delivery Room (18 beds) Nursery Room (60 cots), Recovery Room (10 beds), Preparation Room (5 beds), Pre-stage Room (3 beds), ICU for adult (22 beds), HDU for adult (8 beds), ICCU + Burns Unit (11 beds), ICU for children (11 beds), HDU for children (10 beds), ICU for neonatal (10 beds), Department of Psychiatry, Department of Surgery, Department of Dermatology, and CSSD.




The fourth floor consists of Hemodialysis Unit (27 beds), Skin Care Unit, 14 6-bed wards, Department of Clinical Pathology (and Microbilogy, Parasitology, Anatomical Pathology), Department of Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Director/Vice Director Office, Residents/Students Lounge (5 rooms, 6 beds). On the fifth floor, there are 52 2-bed wards, and 14 1-bed wards.


As planned, main programs of the Hospital, leaded by Prof. dr. Chairul Yoel, SpA (K), is for Nephro-urology cases, burns and trauma, as well as tropical infection diseases. As per September 2013, the Human Resources of the Hospital consist of : 43 specialist doctors assigned from the Faculty of Medicine, 29 General Practitioners, 2 Dentists, 14 Ners, 5 Midwives, 81 Nurses, Administrative Staff (3 Civil Servants and 9 non-permanent employees), technical staff (6 Civil Servants and 13 non-permanent employees). So far, the Hospital has 205 staff comprising 185 Civil Servants and 20 non-permanent staff.


To get an accreditation, the Hospital should refer to: (1) Standard of Hospital Accreditation, Directorate General of Health Effort Management (BUK) and Standard Accreditation Guidelines and Survey (Kars); and (2) Joint Commission International Accreditation. Currently, the health service has been provided by moving the activity of USU Polyclinic to the Hospital on September 23, 2013 which will gradually be integrated into the services adinistered by the Hospital. The Hospital has not yet been fully operated due to some constraints concerning the procurement of obstetrics, emergency room and surgical equipments. It is estimated that all of the equipments will have been obtained no later than December 2013 so that the Hospital can be operated optimally in the early of 2014. The services provided by the Hospital will be made gradually starting from out-patient service, in-patient service with the capacity of 100 beds, and several other specialistic services.(rds)