Dr Muryanto Amin, S Sos, M Si
Dr Muryanto Amin, S Sos, M Si

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    Bambang Riyanto
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    Juli. 13, 2021
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Dr Muryanto Amin, S Sos, M Si

Muryanto Amin was elected Chancellor by winning 18 votes (57.75 percent), the man who was born in Medan, September 30, 1974 is also known as a hard worker. He started his career from the bottom, namely as a lecturer assistant until later becoming a lecturer with civil servant status (PNS).

Muryanto Amin since childhood was known as a diligent student. At the age of 5, he required his parents to send him to elementary school (SD). Mury was guided by his grandfather in his study and he used to get best achievements since elementary, middle and high school. Starting from winning the class to winning medals in school competitions.

The eldest of five siblings, the son of the late Muin Sudarmo (passed away in 2010) and Ruyanti, Mury is also known as a son who highly respect his mother. During the entrance test of SMA 3 Medan, he asked for his mother’s blessing. Likewise, during the USU entrance test, the selection process from becoming a Dean to becoming a Chancellor, this father of three children used to take a time to kneel down at his mother’s feet to ask for her blessing and prayers.

While serving as the Dean of USU's FISIP in the 2016-2021 periods, he succeeded in bringing FISIP forward. Almost all study programs in the faculty received A accreditation. He also initiated and triggered the formation of the One Roof Application (ASA), an application that facilitates student services in academic management. This application was viral among students.


This alumnus of the 1992 State Administration Study Program also created a laboratory under the Communication Studies Program, which was named USU Media. This laboratory is used by USU students as a place to study broadcasting science. This master and doctoral graduate from the University of Indonesia (UI) is also keen to apply the Independent Learning-Independent Campus (MBKM), although not comprehensively, FISIP is the first faculty at USU to lead the implementation of MBKM.

Muryanto Amin's work at USU also became more and more prominent when he became the Chair of the USU Bureaucratic Reform Team, where through his “cold hands” he initiated the creation of the Integrated Service Center (PPT), a one-stop service that provides excellent service to the academic community and the general public by promoting the concept of transparency and accountability.

This man who loves running then dared himself to run for a Chancellor candidate. He went through several stages, carrying the concept of the “EXIST Program”, he explained his vision in advancing USU under his leadership.

Muryanto explained, the EXIST Program in question is Excellent Human Integrity, Smart Friendly and Green Campus, Global Society Impact, Good University Governance and Sustainable Funding.


The purpose of the EXIST Program is for USU graduates to have two competencies at once. First, have strong morality and Indonesian identity. Second, having required competency in the industrial world as well as being able to contribute solution to the problems that occur in the community.


Muryanto Amin, who is known to be humble and has an extensive network at local, national and international levels, was later elected as USU Chancellor for the period of 2021-2026 and was officially inaugurated by the Chairperson of the MWA (Board of Trustee) Dr. Kartini Panjaitan Sjahrir on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at the Ministry of Education and Research and Technology Building, Central Jakarta.