Recently, students prefer to using motor vehicles as a means of transportation to go to campus for some reasons. Using a private transport has sometimes become an obligatory for some students, whether it is a trend or a necessity.

However, using a private transport brings unsecure feeling due to its safety from theft. To solve this problem, USU has prepared a standard security procedure for motorcycle users, so they will feel secure and comfortable during at campus.  In line with this policy, the performance of campus security officers shall be improved and upgraded as an attempt to prevent and fight against theft activities.

One of the solutions regarding vehicle safety, USU has warned motorcycle users to always carry a padlock and/or make additional safety lock for their motorcycles. Even though, not all motorcycle users have obeyed the warning. Nevertheless, approximately 60% of them have used padlocks and or additional lock as a security measure. (Source: Survey Data on Participants of Campus Integrity Festival 2017- Muhammad Abdul Fattah/rds).