Water is one of very few vital needs for human beings. All living things need water. Although water consumption increases every year, the earth never runs out of water. However, if we take a closer look, the existing sources of springs are already polluted. In addition, the continuous use of groundwater will result in lowering the ground level.


Therefore, it is an obligatory to conserve water. Water should be used as efficiently and appropriately. Efficient water consumption is crucial within the campus environment. Water waste can be recycled by using water recirculation technology.


Water waste from bathrooms, kitchens, and others is collected in an integrated filtration pool, which can then be reused. Other than that, the campus needs to use the land to absorp rainwater so as not to let it flow as surface water and wasted into the sea.


In response to these challenges, USU has encouraged the students to make an innovation in creating and or upgrading water recycling management and technology. Furthermore, under Go Green Program that has been jointly implemented at campus, USU has seriously conducted water conservation such as by providing Green Open Space (RTH) and man-made lake at the campus area.


In the future, USU will develop  a Water Supply System (SPAM) at the campus area. This aims at providing portable water services to meet water needs of USU academic community, reducing plastic wastes from bottled water, and proving USU as an environmentally knowledgeable campus. In addition, this program also serves as a learning media for students and other academic community on drinking water treatment technology and a media of promoting the importance of drinking water facilities at the campus area.