Campus is an educational institution made up of thousands of students who constantly use papers in their daily campus lives. As estimated, the amount of waste production is not small, ranging from plastic waste to paper waste. Therefore, a method of 4R (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Repair/Recover) is required in order to prevent the paper waste from polluting the environment. This concept constitutes a good solution in terms of overcoming paper waste problem at campus. In addition, a unit should be established to serve as a center for waste management at certain points at campus so that the waste management can be properly implemented.


To implement the program effectively, a policy should also include some penalties for disobedience. If a unit fails to comply with the regulations, they will be subjected to a sanction as stipulated in the Rector’s Decree. This program is very effective to warn every member of the academic community to keep the environment clean and tidy and to foster a good habit of using recycled paper.