To create an orderly, disciplined, and healthy campus environment, USU has implemented a program to control air pollution by procuring USU bicycles which were launched on 20 December 2014. The program is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and The Indonesia Clean Energy Development. A total of 100 bicycles equipped with a bench and a basket were provided at the stations around the campus.


USU has also developed the program by procuring more bicycles for the purpose of reducing the vehicle exhaust gasses and to support USU healthy program through bicycling. A study revealed that 15 bicycling activities per day around the campus would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions as much as 89.5 tons of CO2 in a year. This program is expected to create a fresher, more comfortable (due to less noise), traffic-jam-free and cleaner USU campus.(Kartika/rds)