Fakultas Pascasarjana




To be a leading postgraduate school with academic excellence and professionalism.



  • To organize the Postgraduate School to become a place for developing characters and professionalism of human resources.
  • To organize the Postgraduate School to produce intellectual, ethical, and professional academic graduates who are scientifically competent, relevant to the job demands, and highly competitive.
  • To effectively and efficiently manage and develop the Postgraduate School in an ethical, valuable, intellectual academic atmosphere to increase the quality of the School.
  • To develop and increase the research culture and encourage publication of research results in various national and international scientific journals.
  • To intensify community service programs in order to increase academic quality.




Jl. Universitas No. 4

USU Campus, Medan  20155

Phone             : +62 61 8213571

Fax                  : +62 61 8213571