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The Al Musannif Mosque Development Design Project Competition Brings Forth New Talents in Architecture

  • The Al Musannif Mosque Development Design Project Competition Brings Forth New Talents in Architecture
The Al Musannif Mosque Development Design Project Competition Brings Forth New Talents in Architecture
  • Contributor
    Renny Julia Harahap
  • Photographer
    Amri Simatupang
  • Implementer
    Dr. Muryanto Amin, S.Sos, M.Si
    Universitas Sumatera Utara
  • Publish Date
    Agustus. 05, 2021
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Universities are not ivory towers, which separate academics from the general public. Both are important components that need each other and must work together to achieve prosperity in a country. Academics with their intellectual capacity and capabilities are expected to be able to bring about better changes in human life, in which to do so academics must be proactively involved in various aspects of life that are in contact with the interests of the community.

One form of this effort has been carried out by the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, the University of North Sumatra (USU), which collaborated with the Haji Anif Foundation in conducting the Al-Musannif Mosque Architectural Design Project Competition. The competition activities process began on April 14, 2021 with the opening of registration for participants, to June 23, 2021, officially closed on July 21, 2021. The official closing, which was also accompanied by the presentation of prizes to the winners, was carried out in a hybrid manner at the official residence of the Deputy Governor of North Sumatra, Jalan Tengku Daud Medan. All winners attended the event, both online and offline. 

The competition, which competed in three types of competitions, namely the Al-Musanif Mosque mihrab design project competition, the architectural model project competition for 99 mosques and the architectural expansion competition for the Al-Musanif Mosque managed to attract interesting designs from new talents, practitioners and architectural enthusiasts throughout Indonesia.

Deputy Governor, Drs. H. Musa Rajekshah, M.Hum., who also serves as Chairman of the H. Anif Foundation, explained that the competition in the field of mosque design was the first time the H. Anif Foundation had held it. The creative idea emerged when the administrators of the H.Anif Foundation were thinking about what activities could be done to commemorate H. Anif's 82nd birthday, which falls on March 23, 2021. In previous years, the birthday of the founder of the H. Anif Foundation was always MTQ activities which were carried out throughout Indonesia. However, regarding the Covid-19 pandemic which has not yet subsided, it is not possible to carry out similar activities, because it will lead to the creation of crowds that can create new clusters of pandemics in the community. Finally, the idea came up to carry out a competition and collaborate with the Department of Architecture, the Faculty of Engineering, USU, which is considered experienced in handling these activities.

"Because of the MTQ pandemic situation it is impossible to do. In addition, because our parents also intend to build 99 mosques starting this year, the implementation of this competition is in line with what is desired, so that our parents' intentions can be realized immediately. What will be built will have a characteristic in the architecture of the building, in order to attract people to worship there," the Deputy Governor said.

In addition, he added, the essence of the implementation of the competition is the desire from his side so that the passion for creativity of the children of North Sumatra can emerge. “We know that many North Sumatran architects are able to be here even though we are opening a national competition. In addition, we also from the H Anif Foundation want to raise the spirit of young people in building mosques," he explained.

He explained that the Al-Musannif Mosque was built in 1997 and is currently undergoing development. In addition to being a place of worship, the Al-Musannif Mosque will also be a place to build the people's economy, a center for SMEs and various other positive activities.

USU Chancellor Dr. Muryanto Amin, S.Sos., M.Si., as the head of the competition organizer stated, this activity is a blessing that brings many benefits to society and the academic world, because it can enrich the talents and architectures of North Sumatra, so it must be made massively.

This competition is also an honor for USU because it stimulates the creativity of young people which must be continuously encouraged. Moreover, architecture is closely related to the civilization of a community, both in the form of physical infrastructure, roads, houses, and things related to heritage. This implies that the civilization of a community is not stagnant and develops continuously.

"This competition is also a trigger and a medium for the nation's children to be creative with their best works, both in the form of writing, pictures and others which are assessed by an independent team, then rewarded in the form of prizes and other rewards. Of course there are losing and winning in a competition, that is normal. But those who lose don’t mean they’re not better than the winner; it's just that creativity of a work does require to be assessed. For those who win, don't be too proud, because the evaluation of a work here and there will definitely be a revisions and adjustments. Must be able to introspect to perfect the products that have been produced, "he said.

The Chancellor also hopes that the documents from the competition can be a reference for the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, USU to be an example for students and the public. Because, the idea of ​​a reliable architecture will be very much needed, especially those which adopt local wisdom so that it has the characteristics and characters that exist in certain areas. Considering that currently almost all buildings, especially those in urban areas, the shape is almost the same and no longer has a characteristic.

“We need to enrich physical buildings that adopt local wisdom in the form of houses, offices and houses of worship. Why are houses of worship important? Because it is visited by many people. This competition also supports efforts to produce new architectural talents who excel in the community,” Dr. Muryanto concluded.

For the two competitions, namely the Al-Musannif Mosque mihrab design project competition and the architectural model project competition for 99 mosques, the awards and prizes were first submitted on May 11, 2021, which coincided with the month of Ramadan. On July 21, 2021, prizes were awarded to the winners of the Design Competition for the Design Development/Expansion of the Al-Musannif Mosque. The first prize of IDR 50 million won by Septian Ivan Putra from Surabaya, the second place won by Syandy Diantrisna Kusuma from Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, the third place won by Hari Hajaruddin Siregar from Medan Whilst the favorite winner won by Fenny Ida Pratiwi from Bekasi.

After the activity, Dr Musa Rajeckshah stated that the results of this competition would be used for the construction of 99 mosques. There are many collections of images that will be shared with close families in need and the Indonesian Mosque Council. The synergy with USU will be continued in various development activities involving the Haji Anif Foundation, so that the passion of young people who have talents in the field of architecture emerges.

Also present at the event were the Chair of the Committee and at the same time the Chair of the USU Architecture Department Dr. Ir. Dwira Nirfalini Aulia, M.Sc, IPM, Ir. Nurlisa Ginting, M.Sc, PhD, IPM (Director of the Competition Implementation as well as Chair of the USU Architecture Masters/S3 Study Program), Ir. N. Vinky Rahman, MT, (as the Director of the Competition Implementation and Head of Architect Professional Education at the University of North Sumatra), M. Safii Sitepu, S.Ag., SH, and Marianto, ST, (Director of the Haji Anif Foundation) and the Competition Organizing Committee (Wahyu Abdillah, Aya Maharani and Fitri Rahmawati Nasution, ST).  (RJ/©ULC)

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