Historical Background

On 1 September 1959, the Faculty of Engineering was established after the issuance of the Decree of the Junior Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 83303/S on August 26, 1959 concerning the preparation of the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sumatera Utara (USU) in Medan, starting on1 September 1959 as the 4th faculty.


In the early stages of its establishment, the Faculty of Engineering managed only one department, the Department of Civil Engineering. With the increasing demand for engineers in various fields, the Faculty of Engineering subsequently opened new majors; Mechanical Engineering (1962), Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering (1965), Chemical Engineering (1979), Architectural Engineering  (1991), and Environmental Engineering (2012).


Recognizing the increasing need of engineers, both in quantity and quality, in 1993 the Faculty of Engineering opened the Extension Program (Bachelor’s Degree), offering majors in Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.



The Faculty of Engineering aims at providing world-class engineering qualities of a higher education institution.



  • To prepare students and graduates of the Faculty of Engineering to be competitive nationally and internationally with dignity and quality.
  • To keep the environment of the Faculty of Engineering clean, comfortable, and conducive to the creation of superior and innovative products from students and lecturers.
  • To make the Faculty of Engineering a center for joint research and development with industrial and governmental sectors, both nationally and internationally.



FACULTY OF ENGINEERING http://ft.usu.ac.id/
Study Programs/Departments  
Bachelor’s Degree Programs  
Industrial Engineering http://industri.usu.ac.id/
Civil Engineering http://tekniksipil.usu.ac.id/
Chemical Engineering http://teknikkimia.usu.ac.id/
Architecture http://arsitektur.usu.ac.id/
Mechanical Engineering http://mesin.usu.ac.id/
Electrical Engineering http://dte.usu.ac.id/
Environmental Engineering  
Master’s Study Programs  
Architecture  http://mta.usu.ac.id/
Electrical Engineering  http://mte.usu.ac.id
Industrial Engineering   
Chemical Engineering   
Mechanical Engineering   
Civil Engineering  
Doctoral Study Programs  
Mechanical Engineering  
Industrial Engineering   
Civil Engineering  
Chemical Engineering   
Architectural Engineering  



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