Fakultas EkonomidanBisnis

Historical Background

The Economics Faculty was first established by the USU Foundation located in Kutaraja (now Banda Aceh) in 1959. As the Economics Faculty of USU located in Banda Aceh became part of Syiah Kuala University, in 1961, USU reopened an Economics Faculty in Medan. The decision was made by the Decree of the Minister of Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 64/1961 on 24 November 1961, which was retroactively effective from 1 October 1961. Based on the decree, the date of 24 November is commemorate as the birthday or anniversary of the Faculty of Economics.

In 1975, AAN (Academy of Business Administration) Medan was merged with USU’s Economics Faculty to establish PAAP (Special Education in Business Administration). PAAP then became a diploma program (D-3) with three study programs, namely Diploma 3 in Finance, Accounting and Secretary.



To be an outstanding Economics Faculty and to be globally competitive in meeting market needs.



  • To produce graduates who have characters and market-oriented competencies in the field of economics, management and accounting.
  • To improve the quality of the teaching and learning process by empowering and improving the qualifications and quality of educators.
  • To develop and improve the implementation of the institution’s “Darma” of research and devotion as an effort to improve the quality of science and funding sources under the  status of BHMN (State-owned Legal Entities).
  • To constantly improve services to students as customers and other university stakeholders.
  • To increase networking and collaboration with public and private institutions, as well as professional organizations and other related institutions, at the national and international level.


FACULTY OF ECONOMICS http://feb.usu.ac.id/ 
Study Programs/Departments  
Bachelor's Study Program  
Accounting http://akuntansi.usu.ac.id/
Economic Development http://ep.usu.ac.id/
Accounting http://akuntansi.usu.ac.id/
Accounting Profession  
Diploma Study Programs  
Secretary http://dipl-sekretaris.usu.ac.id/
Finance http://dipl-keu.usu.ac.id/
Master’s Study Programs  
Economic Development  http://miep.usu.ac.id/
Doctoral Study Programs   



Jl. Prof. T.M. Hanafiah

USU Campus, Medan 20155

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