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Historical Background

The Faculty of Dentistry was established on 3 November 1961. The Faculty of Dentistry has ten departments, i.e. Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, Oral Surgery, Dental Conservation, Periodontics, Oral Disease, Pediatric Dental Health, Oral Biology, Dental Material and Technology, Preventive Dentistry/Community Dentistry and the Dental Radiology Unit. In addition to carrying out various activities, several Technical Supporting Units (UPT) were also established.


General dentistry practice includes diagnostics, treatment planning, and disease prevention. Treatment may include tooth nerve removal, tooth extraction, and tooth replacement.



The Faculty of Dentistry strives to be a flagship Faculty of Dentistry at the national and regional level in producing graduates who have a vision of global competitiveness and entrepreneurship.



To carry out the education of dentistry based on student-oriented learning activities for the development of science and technology, and to meet the needs of the community in the field of oral health.  We aim at producing Bachelor’s of Dentistry and dentists who are knowledgeable and skilled, democratic, responsible, and noble and virtuous in accordance with the ethics of the profession of dentistry.


To carry out research which is oriented to the development of science and technology to scientifically solve oral health problems as the primary basis to grow and build the capacity of mastering problem solving methods through critical thinking, scientific reasoning, alternative thinking and appropriate decision-making abilities.


To provide oral health services to the community through the Clinical Learning Experience (PBK) and Field Learning Experience (PBL) by utilizing advances in science and technology appropriately in order to improve the oral health of the public.



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