Historical Background

The Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology (Fasilkom-TI), was established on 6 September 2011 by the Decree of USU Rector No. 2360/UN5.1.R/SK/PRS/2011. The establishment of the faculty has had a long historical background and involved many parties. It has taken ten years since the issuance of the permit from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Department of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia on 22 November 2001, to become a faculty.


The first Study Program was an undergraduate degree of Computer Science under the management of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, based on the Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 3551/D/T/2001 on 22 November 2001 on the Permit of Launching Undergraduate Program of Computer Science.


Along with the development of computer science, a new program was then established, namely the undergraduate program of Information Technology, which was proposed to Director General of Higher Education in 2007, in addition to the previously established computer science program. However, at that time the name of Information Technology Program was not found in the nomenclature of study programs in Indonesia, so the program was established with the name of Software Engineering Program, based on the Decree of Director General of Higher Education No. 1629/D/T/2007 on 6 July 2007.


At the end of 2007, the Director General of Higher Education issued the Decree No. 163/KEP/DIKTI/2007 on 27 November 2007, on the Arrangement and Codification of Programs regulating the naming of study programs (undergraduate degree) in computer science as follows: Undergraduate Program of Information Engineering, Computer System, and Information System. This naming system was then readjusted by the issuance of Circular Letter of Director General of Higher Education No. 1030/D/T/2010. This letter provided a chance for universities with computer science and information programs to restructure the naming of their programs. University of Sumatera Utara therefore rearranged the naming of the two programs into the Undergraduate Program of Computer Sciences and Undergraduate Program of Information Technology.


The development of scientific education in computer sciences at USU is continuing, with the main intention to optimize resources and to provide advanced education levels from the undergraduate program. Hence, the Master’s Program of Information Engineering was established on 11 May, 2009 by the Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education No. 935/H5.1.R/SK/PRS/2009.



To be an internationally recognized, adaptive, collaborative and creative higher education and research institution in the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology.



The mission of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology refers to the three pillars of Higher Education which are formulated as follows:

  • To produce qualified graduates in the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology capable of analyzing, implementing, and developing computer science/informatics technology, data collection and data processing and computer network.
  • To behave transparently and be responsive toward the development and the change of computer sciences, information and communication technology (ICT) at an international level.
  • Referring to the Circular Letter of Director General of Higher Education No. 1030/D/2010, the profile of Faculty of Computer Sciences and Information Technology are simplified in the following table:


Name of Study Programs

Graduate Titles

Computer Sciences

S. Kom.

Information Technology

S. Kom.

Engineering Informatics


Doctoral of Computer Sciences




Study Programs/Departments  
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Information Technology  http://it.usu.ac.id/
Computer Sciences http://ilkom.usu.ac.id/



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