Vision and Missions

The vision of the Institute for Community Service includes:

  • Becoming a consultation center and a reference for world of business/industry and community groups.
  • Being actively involved and competent in the regional development.
  • Being able to engage people in the process of national development.


The missions of the Institute for Community Service are:

  • Conducting community service by disseminating the results of applied research, action research, and appropriate technology in order to improve the quality of people’s life, especially those of rural communities.
  • Improving the quality of the process of organizing community service in a sustainable manner through enhancing the quality of human resources, facilities and infrastructure, information resources, organization and management.
  • Developing community service cooperation with government agencies and world of business.


Success Indicators

With reference to the results of observation conducted by the Institute for Community Service and reviewers as the assessment team, the success indicators of community service will be determined and decided in compliance with what has been implemented in the field.


Community Service Participants

Anyone who conducts the community service has the right to encourage the community groups to participate in the programs in terms of processing and creating economic resources that benefit people’s life in general.

Source of Funds

The sources of Community Service Funds may come from:

  • Directoratefor Research and Community Service, Directorate General of Higher Education
  • USU Internal Funds (BOPTN USU)