Fakultas Pertanian



Historical Background

The Agriculture Faculty was established by Universitas Sumatera Utara Foundation on 16th November 1956; it was handed over to the Government of Indonesia on 25th August 1958 and officially became the Agriculture Faculty of the State University of Sumatera Utara under the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 8691/S.  It is also the third oldest faculty at USU and the oldest Agriculture Faculty in Sumatra.



To become an excellent agricultural tertiary institution to develop science, technology and human resources with primary competencies on plantation.



  • To prepare students to be members of an academic community and / or professionals with the ability to implement, develop and enrich agricultural science and technology, especially on plantation.
  • To develop and disseminate knowledge and its application to produce the products and services of education, research and high-quality community service in improving the prosperity of society.
  • To widen participation in learning to meet national needs in improving the prosperity of society.



FACULTY OF AGRICULTURE http://fp.usu.ac.id/
Study Programs and Departments  
Agro-ecotechnology  http://agroekoteknologi.usu.ac.id/
Agribusiness http://agribisnis.usu.ac.id/
Animal Husbandry http://peternakan.usu.ac.id/
Agricultural Engineering http://teknikpertanian.usu.ac.id/
Water Resources Management http://msp.usu.ac.id/
Food Science and Technology  http://itp.usu.ac.id/
Master’s Study Programs  
Agro-ecotechnology http://mag-aet.usu.ac.id/
Animal Husbandry   
Food Sciences  
Doctorate Study Program  
Agricultural Science http://dok-pertanian.usu.ac.id/



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